Boosted Revenue by 82.51% in 30 days

Witness substantial transformations driven by our simple, innovative strategy.

Health & Personal Care Brand

Hawk’s team turned around a struggling health and personal care brand with a smart and straightforward PPC strategy focused on the right keywords.

This focused approach led to an impressive 82.51% growth in just 30 days.


We find-out the match types were not properly utilized.

Our Approach

Allocated the budget to different match types in sponsor product that were not utilized properly, focused on some super-relevant keywords that was giving good results.


82.51% Growth in just 30 days

The result was amazing, in just 30 days we achieve the increase revenue of $11,988. 

Our ACOS increased from 21% to 25% while TACOS from 16% to 18% due to the fact that we were testing multiple campaigns. Remember, it’s a newly launched product, it’s tacos will go down once we start optimizing campaigns for profitability. 

Overall it Revenue went from £14,529.39 to £26,517.64, While maintaining the profitability.


What our Client Says about us

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I can't say enough good things about working with Uzair and his team. I highly recommend them for managing your Amazon ads!

    Trevor Somerville
    Trevor Somerville

    Company CEO

    Good job, good communication, went above and beyond, will hire him again!

       Tim Figley
      Tim Figley

      Amazon Seller

      Excellent service, superior skills in working with Amazon Ads, and impeccable communication. Great to do business with

        Bob McCullough
        Bob McCullough

        Amazon Seller

        Uzair was a huge help in optimizing my listing on Amazon - and created campaigns that demonstrably boosted sales.

          Teresa Mitrovic
          Teresa Mitrovic

          Amazon Seller

          Uzair knows his way around Amazon and really helped me out with a listing that suffered from dirty tricks from a competitor. Recommended

            Anthony Webster
            Anthony Webster

            Amazon Seller

            Muhammad is a very attentive and hard worker. He makes himself available at all hours and is very professional.

              Nicolas Dabdoub
              Nicolas Dabdoub


              This gentleman is very knowledgeable of his craft. He moved things around until they were finely tuned.

                Gregory Labeet
                Gregory Labeet


                Uzair is a fantastic resource for getting products up, troubleshooting issues, and marketing on amazon. He is professional, knowledgeable, and ALWAYS a pleasure to work with! He's a true pro.

                  Julie Ticsay
                  Julie Ticsay

                  Brand Representative

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                  Substantial Transformations Driven By Our Simple, Innovative Strategy.

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